Season 1909-1910

North Berks Football League

Final League Tables 1910/1911

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Four Regional Divisions - Winner of each region played in a mini league to decide overall winner

  Play off mini league P W D L F A Pts      
  Long Wittenham                    
  Wantage Athletic                    
The 4 league winners in that 2nd season were Wantage Athletic, Long Wittenham, Radley and Faringdon, who played off for the title.  3 teams shared the same number of points(joint winners), and were Long Wittenham, Faringdon and Wantage Athletic. No scores can be traced and the newspaper fixtures also have Faringdon playing twice on the same day at two different venues.

April 8th      Wantage Athletic v Long Wittenham (Milton Hill)      
April 15th   Wantage Athletic v Radley (Faringdon)      
April 22nd  Faringdon v Radley (Didcot)      
April 22nd  Long Wittenham v Faringdon (Wantage)      
April 29th  Long Wittenham v Radley (Wallingford)      
April 29th  Wantage Athletic v Faringdon (Wallingford)      
  Abingdon Division P W D L F A Pts      
1 Radley                    
2 Cumnor                    
3 Abingdon Res                    
4 Drayton                    
5 Milton Hill                    
  Wallingford Division P W D L F A Pts      
1 Long Wittenham                    
2 Sutton Courtenay                    
3 Didcot                    
4 Wallingford                    
5 Brightwell                    
  Wantage Division P W D L F A Pts      
1 Wantage Athletic                    
2 Ardington                    
3 Grove                    
4 Letcombe                    
5 Wantahe Town Res.                    
  Faringdon Division P W D L F A Pts      
1 Faringdon                    
2 Shrivenham                    
3 Stanford                    
4 Buscot                    
5 Uffington                 Possibly withdrew